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It's Gotta Be the Shoes!

Does anyone remember that ad? Perhaps I'm dating myself.

A Brief History Lesson

Here's a little back story:

In the late 1900s, there was a basketball player by the name Michael Jordan. On top of being perhaps the greatest player of all time, Jordan released the most famous shoes of all time. No, not OJ Simpson's Bruno Maglis. I'm talking about the Nike Air Jordans.

MJ teamed up with director Spike Lee (aka: Mars Blackmon) and they put out this simple but effective commercial.

Come on! Who wouldn't want a pair after that!?!

This advertisement established Jordan The Brand. It left no doubt who he was, what he was capable of, and why YOU needed HIS shoes!

Fast Forward to Modern Times

Shea's Heels and Garter with a message from her Maid of Honor at Broussard Farm.

Call me weird, and people often do, but when I walk into a bridal suite, I immediately look for a few things: available ambient light, angles of the room, and the bride's shoes.

It's Gotta Be the Shoes!

Heather's Boots and Crown at Castle Avalon.

As wedding photographers, we're also storytellers. It would be irresponsible of us to tell a story without properly establishing the lead character, right?

I've seen them all - from Converse sneakers to bedazzled heels to cowgirl boots.

I know a lot of pressure is put on the dress selection, but to me, nothing says more about a bride than her choice of footwear. Her shoes tell us who she is, where she comes from, and why the Dearly Beloved have gathered here today.

Jacie's "Something Blue" at Smoke Venue.

Each choice of footwear has its own character. Each says something about the bride.

"I may be all dressed up, but I'm a country girl at heart." ~ Boots

"Maybe I should skate down the aisle." ~ Vans

"You had your chance." ~ Stilettos

Next time you're at a wedding, while everyone else Oohs and Ahhs at her bridal gown, take a gander at her feet and ask yourself, does the shoe fit?

I bet you it does.


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