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Why I Choose Not to Do Mini Sessions.

As a photographer, I have noticed that many folks are interested in mini photo sessions. These are shorter photo sessions that typically last 15-30 minutes and are often offered at a lower price point than full sessions. While mini photo sessions can be a convenient option for some clients, I've decided that they are not the right fit for my business.

Here are four reasons Why I Choose NOT to Do Mini Sessions:

1. Limited Time for Creativity

One of the biggest challenges of mini photo sessions is the limited amount of time I would have to work with clients. With only a short window to capture images, I may feel rushed and unable to fully explore creative options. This can be frustrating for both clients and me, as I might not be able to fully showcase my skills and talents in such a short amount of time. In my professional opinion, mini sessions are heavily transactional...which takes away from the entire experience.

2. Inability to Build Relationships

Having been in business for over eight years, I can totally relate to this quote...

Building these relationships doesn't come from visiting in 15 minute bursts, but from consistent conversations over a period of time. Getting to know my clients and understanding their personalities and preferences is an important part of creating memorable and meaningful images. With mini sessions, I may not have the opportunity to connect with them on a deeper level, which can limit my ability to create truly personalized images.

Side Note: We've hired photographers for mini sessions for our kids. While the images looked great and I was happy that we did them, it was a very in and out experience I don't remember her name and I doubt she remembers any of ours. That doesn't sound very satisfying to me.

3. Limited Control Over Output

In order to offer mini photo sessions at a lower price point, I may need to streamline my workflow and limit the amount of time I spend editing and retouching images. This can result in less control over the final output, since I likely would not have the time to fully fine-tune each image. This can be particularly frustrating, as I take pride in delivering high-quality images to all of our clients.

4. Difficulty in Standing Out

Finally, offering mini photo sessions can be challenging from a marketing perspective. In today's digital age, there are countless photographers and businesses offering similar services, and it can be difficult to stand out in a crowded marketplace. By focusing on full sessions and allocating more time and resources to each client, I am able to differentiate myself and attract clients who are looking for a more personalized and high-touch experience.

I mean, let's face it, all of my clients find me somewhere - whether it be through word of mouth, a Google Search, or through Social Media marketing.

Either way, my clients thought enough of me to make that initial contact, to spend time during a phone consultation or coffee meet up leading up to the actual session, and then they receive continued care after the session. It's not just about pretty pictures....but the human interaction and the overall client experience.

In conclusion, while mini photo sessions can be a convenient and lucrative option for some, they don't fit our business model. By focusing on full sessions and allocating more time and resources to each client, I can showcase your skills and creativity, build lasting relationships with your clients, and deliver high-quality images that truly stand out, all while feeding my soul.


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