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Coven Photo Sessions

Who knows why were were taught to fear witches, and not those who burned them alive?

As Summer comes to an end, Autumn is upon us, Pumpkin Spice Everything is hitting the shelves and cooler temps give us a sense of relief from the last few

months. For some, its a time to ponder the natural and supernatural things around us.

Spirits, Ghosts, and Witches Oh My!

Oh my is right and whether you're a practitioner of the dark arts or just a die hard fan of Hocus Pocus, you may find yourself interested in a spooky photo session.

Grab your besties and let's get witchy!


The images in this blog post are from a Coven Photo Session we did with an amazing group of strong, young women. They've been friends for years and we've been lucky enough to photograph each of them for various reasons: portraits, weddings, and boudoir. To be able to photograph them all together in one session, well it was an honor.

As a photographer, I love sessions like these. They afford me the opportunity to get creative. In this session, we used colored smoke bombs, different lighting techniques, and various props and poses. We were able to get some great images. It's all about communication and establishing a comfortable environment.

So if you find yourself wanting to jump into a session like this, don't hold back.

Tis the Season afterall....

Thanks for taking the time to read another blog entry. Hope you'll be back next week for the next post.


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