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You must have a nice camera...

"Wow, nice photos. You must have a nice camera!"

This is one of those phrases that falls under the category of "Things Not to Say to a Photographer". Perhaps I'll do a blog post on THAT in the future.

All joking aside, I do, in fact, have a nice camera. While there are certainly different levels of cameras on the market, the photographer is the ultimate factor in the making of a good photograph.

I previously wrote about how to choose the appropriate camera for your own needs. Using the tips I gave in that blog post, along with years of trial and error, this is where I landed:

Sony Mirrorless Cameras

Yes - I went with mirrorless cameras around 2016 or so with the Sony A6000. At the time, I had used a couple of different Canon cameras but I was looking for something different and I found it in Sony.

After trying a few models, I happily landed on the A7iii. Here's why I'm hooked:

  1. Electronic View Finder or EVF. When using a DSLR, you set up your shot, you get your settings down, you focus and your take the photo. To see how it turned out you have to go back and review it. With the EVF on the mirrorless, you can see what your photo will look in real time even as you change your settings - game changer!

  2. Eye Auto Focus, or Eye AF. This goes beyond face recognition. The camera locks onto the eye, tracks it, and makes sure its always in focus. I can't imagine not having it now.

  3. Size/Weight. Lugging around a Canon 7D with extended battery grip all day could really wear on an old guy. The Sony bodies are smaller and lighter. Plus, with the battery life of this model, I often work a full wedding on one battery, so no need for the extra weight of a battery grip.

  4. Dual card slots. If you've been involved in digital photography for some time, you may have experienced a failed or corrupted SD card. Luckily for me, this happened at a time when it wasn't a hired gig. I couldn't imagine calling a bride and telling her that I lost her images! The A7iii has two card slots that I record on simultaneously, so even if one card fails, the other will have all the images.

  5. Built-in WIFI. I love having the capability of taking a great photo and sharing it with someone within seconds, rather than waiting to get to a computer, downloading it...blah blah blah. In 2022, people want to see results immediately. It's not uncommon for me to text a couple an image or two throughout the day and then a sneak peek before I even leave the parking lot at the end of the night.

  6. Aaaand the capabilities. Again, I always try to avoid sounding like a gear head when possible, but 24 megapixels, the outrageous ISO capabilities in low light, insane shutter speeds especially for high speed sync with off camera flash, I just couldn't be happier.

I've photographed weddings, various portrait sessions and even sports with the Sony A7iii, and it has never disappointed.

Now there are some Sony models that outshine the A7iii, like the A9 or A1, but they come with a hefty price tag. At the level of our business, I just can't justify spending that much for a camera. I would rather invest in good lenses to add to the collection. Hmm, lenses? That sounds like a topic for another post.

So that's where I am right now. To see more about the Sony models I mentioned, check out Adorama. Thanks for reading and until next time, Keep On Clickin'.....

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